ANCIENT "Trolltaar" MC

ANCIENT "Trolltaar" MC

Professionally duplicated tape. Black cassette shell with white imprint on both sides. Professionally printed, double-sided, 5-panel cartonstock J-card. Limited to 333 copies.

Norwegian Black Metal Classics!

A1 Trolltaar (Remastered)
A2 Nattens Skjønnhet (Remastered)
A3 Fjellets Hemmelighet (Long Version)
A4 Eerily Howling Winds (Pre-production 1993)
B1 Likferd (Reverb Mix)
B2 Eerily Howling Winds (Live 1993)
B3 The Call Of The Absu Deep (Live 1993)
B4 Det Glemte Riket (Live 1993)