CELTIC FROST "Monotheist" MC

CELTIC FROST "Monotheist" MC

Pro-Tape with big inlay including all the lyrics. Limited to 500 copies.

Dark Metal Legend!

A1 Progeny 5:01
A2 Ground 3:55
A3 A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh 5:39
A4 Drown In Ashes 4:23
A5 Os Abysmi Vel Daath 6:41
A6 Obscured 7:04
B1 Domain Of Decay 4:38
B2 Ain Elohim 7:33
B3 Totengott 4:27
B4 Synagoga Satanae 14:24
B5 Winter (Requiem, Chapter Three: Finale) 4:32